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A Series One Thank You

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Now that Series One is complete, I’d like to thank you so much for all your listens, likes, shares, tweets, messages, and help with the Brick Walls. It has been heartwarming and lots of fun to watch the response to each episode.

As I write this, the show has managed to reach listeners across 18 countries; UK, US, Australia, France, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, and Turkey, as well as Jersey in the Channel Islands. Further audiences may join this list, as and when listeners discover the show in the future.

If you’ve been listening, it would really help others to discover the show if you would kindly consider Rating or Reviewing it if your podcast platform allows. Reviews in Apple Podcasts and Podchaser particularly help others learn about the show, and potentially help break those brick walls… and who doesn’t enjoy suddenly discovering a podcast series and bingeing on it?

The series would have been absolutely nothing without the kindness, good humour, and bravery of the 7 guests, who essentially agreed to take part in something that they had absolutely no concept of.

Thank you to my guests; Daniel Smith-Ramos, Jane Hough, George Hall, Lisa Louise Cooke, Valmay Young, David Ryan, and Pam Smith. You were brilliant, and I had a great time finding out about you and your research.

If you’re curious about the two historical guests that turned up during the series, then check out the lives of the Hungarian poet and revolutionary, Sándor Petőfi (EP5 and EP7), and Queen Anne Boleyn (EP7).

Finally, I thank Eliot Lees for expertly providing a lot of the foley that you hear in the time machine sequence; children’s author John Spike for his performance as Sándor; and singer and songwriter Meg Spencer-Thomas for her Regal tones as a very annoyed Anne Boleyn.

Without you all, this would have been nothing.

Thank you.

Andrew Martin

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