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This time, host Andrew Martin is joined by Jane Hough, and we’ll hear how she got hooked on family history, how she deciphers DNA results, we’ll find out about her LAUNDRESS ancestor, and we’ll be trying to solve a Welsh mystery in Gloucestershire, England. Check our show notes for more.

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The Addiction

How did you get into family history? Are you the keeper of ‘the family tree’? Everyone’s story is just a little bit different.

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The Life Story

Picking only one fascinating relative from your research can be hard… but our guests will do just that, and tell their life story.

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The Wall

Every genealogist gets stuck at times, and so we’re exploring a research ‘brick wall’, in a hope that our listeners can help with a break through.

The Family Histories Podcast is about celebrating our family historians and the stories they uncover.

Andrew Martin – Host
Andrew Martin podcast host

About Us

The Family History Podcast is a UK series for and about people addicted to genealogy.

If you make sense of a census, are wild about Wills, go ga-ga over gravestones, or never say no to an old newspaper, then this new podcast series is for you.

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