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Series Five

The Family Histories Podcast - Series Five (2023)

Series Five of The Family Histories Podcast began with a trailer on 25th April 2023, and 7 regular episodes run weekly from 2nd May.

The series sees guests cover topics ranging from house history, and the Second World War, through to poverty and crime. Each guest also pitches their own research brick wall, in a hope that one of our listeners can help them make a break-through.

The Family Histories Podcast - Series Five

Series Five Trailer

Andrew celebrates the arrival of Series Five by popping back to 1811 for tea, but will his clumsy spoilers ruin the career of a literary mastermind?

Episode 1: ‘The Carpenter’ with Jenni Phillips

Andrew meets family historian Jenni Phillips, and hears how researching house history revealed some unexpected family connections.

The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Righteous' with Michal Razus (S05EP02)

Episode 2: ‘The Righteous’ with Michal Razus

Andrew meets professional genealogist and podcaster Michal Razus, and hears how his Slovak ancestor saved a Jewish man from the Holocaust.

The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Missionary' with Kim Brengle (S05EP03)

Episode 3: ‘The Missionary’ with Kim Brengle

Andrew meets family historian Kim Brengle, and hears how travel has shaped her family.

The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Glazier' with Paul Chiddicks (S05EP04)

Episode 4: ‘The Glazier’ with Paul Chiddicks

Andrew meets family historian, blogger, and Family Tree Magazine columnist Paul Chiddicks, and hears how a man turned to his many skills to keep a roof over his family.

The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Constable' with Fiona Brooker (S05EP05)

Episode 5: ‘The Constable’ with Fiona Brooker

Andrew meets professional genealogist Fiona Brooker, and hears how a Scottish policeman’s world was turned upside down before he arrived in New Zealand.

Episode 6: ‘The Cousin’ with John Erickson

Andrew meets Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Erickson, and hears how his cousin bravely recalled her family history to help him write a book.

The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Shoemaker' with Kelly Cornwell (S05EP07)

Episode 7: ‘The Shoemaker’ with Kelly Cornwell

Andrew meets professional genealogist Kelly Cornwell, and hears how a shoemaker turned to theft and ended up taking steps far from home.

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