Podcast host, Andrew Martin.

The Family Histories Podcast is a series about family history and family historians.

How it started

In the midst of UK Lockdown X, on a sunny February morning in 2021, the idea for the series was hatched, aiming to fill the gap of UK genealogy shows, and sitting somewhere in the shadows of Greg Jenner’s brilliant ‘You’re Dead To Me‘ and BBC Radio 4’s long-running ‘Great Lives‘ series.

The Family Histories Podcast aims to be a positive, conversational, fun show about family history and our family historians – the often un-sung heroes tirelessly breathing life back into our collective social history.

The Host

As the podcast’s creator, author, tech-nerd, and family historian of more than 25 years, Andrew Martin was the only choice to host the show. His research has taken him back more than 430 years, over a distance of about 10 miles, in his native Cambridgeshire, England.

The Guests

Each episode features a family history addict, interviewed by Andrew. Their role is to talk about their passion for genealogy, then share their most interesting relative’s life story, before using the end of the show to share their research brick wall. Collectively, we just might be able to break that wall down.

This is a show for people who make sense of the census, go wild for Wills, go ga-ga for gravestones, or just can’t say no to an old newspaper.

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