S01EP03: ‘The Butcher’ with George Hall

The third episode of The Family Histories Podcast – THE BUTCHER is now live across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all the other usual platforms.

Note: There is a background sound on this episode that was not observed during recording, and sadly we’ve been unable to remove it. I hope you’ll agree that our guest puts in such a star turn, that we just had to share this episode anyway.

In this episode we’re joined by guest George Hall – a ‘Generation Z’ family historian (meaning he was born between about 1995-2010). We’ll be finding out how he got hooked on tracing his family history, and what it’s like being a younger researcher, as well as hearing about the work he does with The Hidden Branch, and his One-Place Study.

Relatively Speaking – Henry Hopkinson

George chose his 4x Great Grandfather Henry Hopkinson (1832-1907) of Birstall, West Yorkshire as his Relatively Speaking life story.

Henry somehow makes the leap from the textiles industry to butchery, where he attempts to build a business empire for his family – but this is not without its challenges, and he often finds himself being fined, and reported in the newspapers.

“Quite a common thing you see through research and genealogy is that wealth doesn’t last. It very easily fades away.”

George Hall, SERIES 1, Episode 3
George Hall
George Hall

The Brick Wall – James Conley

Everyone hits a blocker in their family history research, and here George picked out the case of his 3x Great Grandfather, James Conley born approximately 1818 to a John Conley.

George has traced him backwards to the 1871 census, where he’s living in Sunderland with his mother and a mysterious Catherine Collins, but this is where the trail runs cold, but a hint on Ancestry suggests a place known only as ‘Criffcearn’ in the County Armagh area… but it doesn’t seem to exist.

If you think you have information that might help George to progress his research then you can reach out to him either directly via his twitter account, or The Hidden Branch, or via our contact form, remembering to select him in the drop-down episode list.

Andrew offers to help George find out more about James’ household on the 1871 census night, but not everything quite goes to plan….

Episode Credits:
Series One, Episode Three

  • Andrew Martin: Host and Producer
  • George Hall: Guest
  • Eliot Lees: Foley Artist

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