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Thank You, New Zealand!

New Zealand flag

While The Family Histories Podcast heads towards the final episode of its Third Series, the show has been repeatedly charting in Apple Podcasts ‘Top Shows’ for History.

The Apple Podcasts ‘Top Shows’ list contains 200 podcast shows for each of their broad categories. These categories include Sports, Arts, Science, Business, History, and many other very wide topics that contain a vast number of little niche topics and thousands of shows. Comedy remains the category with the most shows – perhaps the perfect tonic for the pandemic.

We are delighted to have scored our highest chart position to date – hitting number 91 in New Zealand. The UK has been charting the show closely behind this, with Canada and Australia a little behind that.

There are 2.45 million podcast shows so far, and only 20% of these are ‘active’ shows (released an episode in the last 90 days)*.

This all comes as the podcast hit its birthday on 1st June 2022, marking one year since we released ‘The Tyrant’ with Daniel Smith-Ramos. In the next few days, we are also due to hit a very large number of total downloads.

So, thank you to all of our listeners around the world, welcome to our new listeners, and a special thank you goes to everyone in New Zealand who has given us a go, and therefore making the show hit this new highpoint.

Thank you, and may all your research brick walls fall down with ease.


*Podcast Industry Insights courtesy of Daniel J. Lewis.

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