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S05EP03: ‘The Missionary’ with Kim Brengle

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The Family Histories Podcast - 'The Missionary' with Kim Brengle (S05EP03)

In this third episode of Series Five, host Andrew meets genealogy addict Kim Brengle, who explains how she got hooked on tracing her family history, and the challenges she’s faced with tracing generations who have travelled extensively.

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S05EP03 – 'The Missionary' with Kim Brengle The Family Histories Podcast

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The Life Story – Daniel and Emily Oliver

Kim has chosen to tell the life story of her Great Grandparents, Daniel Oliver and Emily Oliver (née Wright).

Daniel left his agricultural labouring life in Caithness, Scotland, and Emily left her Quaker family roots in Yorkshire, England, and they both independently ended up in Lebanon.

Here, they married, lived, raised a family, and ran an orphanage in the mountains near Beirut. The legacy of their lives lives on, both in the fond memories of Kim’s family, but within the community in which they’d lived.

The Brick Wall – Juliaetta Harrington

Kim has got stuck with identifying the parents of her 2x Great Grandmother Juliaetta Harrington/Herrington (later Stephenson). Juliaetta was born in 1841 in Michigan, USA, and stayed there her entire life – dying young in 1879.

However, Kim currently draws a blank in identifying her parents. Can you help?

Despite loads of DNA matches, and a polygamous Mormon in the mix, Kim has been unable to untangle these results and build a tree that links them all up. Perhaps you can help her identify Juliaetta’s parents?

If you think you have a clue or a research idea, then you can reach out to her at her website GenerationsOfNomads.com, alternatively, head over to our contact form and we’ll pass your message straight on.

In the meantime, Kim’s curious of Andrew’s help. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode Credits

  • Andrew Martin – Host and Producer
  • Kim Brengle – Guest
  • John Spike – Sándor Petőfi

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