We’ve hit the Apple Podcast ‘Top Shows’ charts!

Over the last couple of weeks The Family Histories Podcast has started to hit the Apple Podcast ‘Top Charts’ for the broad category of ‘History’.

Whilst we are not (yet) Top 10, the ‘Top Charts’ lists the Top 200 podcasts in each category, updating in almost real time all day. There’s no ‘Genealogy’ or similar category in podcast platforms, so ‘History’ is where we appear alongside shows that focus on military history, Tudor history, histories of religions, history of languages etc.

Despite that, we have so far charted comfortably within the Top 200 in History within the UK, Canada, and Australia, with a peak in the UK at position 123. That puts us alongside podcasts from the BBC, Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast network, and the Noiser network. As an independent podcast that is not celebrity-driven, nor advertised via broadcast radio, nor via adverts within episodes across a podcast network like the examples above, this is a big deal for us.

Using data from December 2021, it is estimated that there are 2.4 million podcast shows and 60.6 million podcast episodes(1). With the global pandemic, sales of podcasting equipment has boomed, and the number of podcasts have grown significantly, as has the amount of podcast listening.

So, whilst I’ve already said a thank you to those who made Series One and Two what it is, I thank every one of you who has listened to an episode, rated an episode, left a review, or shared the show with friends, for making this truly remarkable thing happen. I hope that you continue to enjoy the episodes we bring to you in future, and that together we can continue sharing our family histories.

Thank you.


  • (1) Podcast Industry Insights courtesy of Daniel J. Lewis.

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