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Series Three is now in production

With the continued success of Series One and Series Two, we are delighted to announce that Series Three of The Family Histories Podcast is now in production.

As usual, 7 more family history fanatics will be explaining to host Andrew Martin how they got hooked on genealogy, sharing the life story of one of their most fascinating relatives, and then turning to you for help in demolishing an annoying research brick wall.

Once again, Andrew will be joined by his occasional assistant – the ‘missing’ Hungarian poet and Revolutionary Sándor Petőfi, complete with theme music composed by Rafael Krux.

All episodes from the previous series remain free from advertisements, and are free to subscribe and listen to online from wherever you get your podcasts (here’s a few of the places you can listen to the show).

We hope you will join us again in celebrating family history and family historians in Series Three, in Spring 2022.

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