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Series Three Trailer

The Family Histories Podcast - Series 3 (2022)

We’re delighted to reveal the trailer for Series Three of The Family Histories Podcast, and this time we’re also revealing all seven guests too!

Listen to the episode

Series Three Trailer The Family Histories Podcast

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Series Three Guests

We will be welcoming the following family history-addicted guests to the podcast:

  • Yetunde Abiola
  • Jill Ball
  • Denise Geelhart
  • Sheldon K Goodman
  • David Mendoza
  • Helen Parker-Drabble
  • Chris Paton

As with Series One and Series Two, all episodes will be hosted by Andrew Martin, who will be gently grilling each guest about their genealogy addiction, before our guests introduce us to their most fascinatingly good, bad, or plain ugly relative.

The guests will be asking for clues or research ideas from the listeners to help demolish their annoying research brick wall, before finishing with an offer of help from something kept in Andrew’s garage that they simply cannot refuse…

You can subscribe and listen for free from wherever you stream your podcasts, or listen to each episode right here on our website.

Series Three arrives on Tuesday 3rd of May, 2022 with Episode One: ‘The Benefactor’ with Denise Geelhart.

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