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Series Four is in production

We’re delighted to confirm that Series Four of The Family Histories Podcast is in production.

The success of the podcast – with episode downloads continuing to occur across all series in 57 countries, along with regular ‘Top Shows’ chart positions in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, and New Zealand within Apple Podcasts, has made the decision to return for a fourth series even easier.

As previous, our guests will be revealed later, but family historian Andrew Martin will return to host the show, and there will be seven more episodes, life stories, and brick walls to add to the growing collection that remain available to listen for free.

You can subscribe to The Family Histories Podcast for free wherever you get your podcasts, in order to get the first episode of the new series as soon as it’s released in late 2022.

You can also join in our conversations at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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