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Series Four Trailer

The Family Histories Podcast - Series Four

We’re delighted to announce that The Family Histories Podcast is back and Series Four is ready to go!

Seven more genealogy obsessed guests will share how they got hooked on family history, tell a story of one of their most fascinating relatives, and then turn to you for help in a hope that one of our listeners has a research idea or clue to help solve their annoying ‘brick wall‘.

Once again, Andrew Martin returns as host ….assuming he can get back on time from a spooky forest in 1843.

Listen to the episode

Series Four Trailer The Family Histories Podcast

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Series Four Guests

Joining us for Series Four of the show are family historians;

  • Claire Bradley
  • Else Churchill
  • Linda Kvist
  • Simon Last
  • Shaquan McDowell
  • Janice Nickerson
  • Paul Roberts

The new series begins on Tuesday 1st November 2022 with Swedish genealogist and DNA coach, Linda Kvist.

Episode Credits:
Series Four, Trailer

  • Andrew Martin: Host & Producer
  • Jim Kirk: Edgar Allan Poe

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