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Series Five enters production

We’re delighted to announce that the microphones have been switched back on, and Series Five of The Family Histories Podcast has begun production.

Series Four ended on 20th December 2022, with host Andrew Martin and guest Simon Last in bonus episode ‘The List’.

Once again, the series will consist of seven episodes and a bonus, and it is due to begin streaming globally across podcast platforms in the Spring of 2023.

The podcast has grown on the success of previous series, and saw listeners from its 93rd listener country tune in during February 2023. Our guest’s life stories in Series Four covered topics including DNA testing, adoption, troves of ephemera, military history, free people of colour, Irish politics, and a non-paternity event (NPE).

The podcast returns with Andrew Martin as host, John Spike as Sándor Petőfi, and the theme tune composed by Rafael Krux and performed by Orchestralis.

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