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Series Five Trailer

The Family Histories Podcast - Series Five (2023)

It’s time! The Family Histories Podcast is back and Series Five is ready to go, but before episode one arrives, I think we need some tea…

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Series Five Trailer The Family Histories Podcast

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The first episode of Series Five arrives on Tuesday 2nd May 2023, and once again seven more genealogy-obsessed guests will be sharing how they got hooked on researching their family history, then telling us the life story of one of their most fascinating relatives, and finally they’ll be sharing more of their own current pesky research brick walls in a hope that a listener might just be able to help them with a break through.

Andrew Martin returns as host.

Series Five Guests

We’re delighted to welcome the following family historians to the podcast;

  • Kim Brengle
  • Fiona Brooker
  • Paul Chiddicks
  • Kelly Cornwell
  • John Erickson
  • Jenni Phillips
  • Michal Razus

So, join us wherever you get your podcasts, for another family history filled series, starting with ‘The Carpenter’ with Jenni Phillips on 2nd May 2023.

Episode Credits:
Series Five, Trailer

  • Andrew Martin – Host and Producer
  • Phoebe Batteson-Brown – Jane Austen

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