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‘Top Shows’ chart success in Sweden

Flag of Sweden

Whilst The Family Histories Podcast hit reaching listeners in 50 countries only a few days ago, we’re now celebrating the success of the show in Sweden.

Thanks to our listeners, we have made our chart debut in Sweden’s version of Apple Podcasts, and also hit our highest chart position so far – reaching number 71 within Apple’s list of 200 ‘Top Shows’ within the History category.

Given most of the history sections cover a very broad range of military, religious, geo-political, or scientific history topics, and Sweden’s chart will predominantly feature Swedish language shows, we’re extremely pleased and very grateful to the lovely people in Sweden for listening in.

Tack, Sverige!

This beats last month’s record of our highest charting position in New Zealand.

Photo of the Swedish flag by Håkan Dahlström used under Creative Commons (via CC BY 2.0).

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